This past weekend my family and I were able to visit Grace Reformed Baptist Church here in Edmonton.  We enjoyed the message that was given and the nice people we met there.  I do wish to visit again there in the future.  I am encouraged that there are people serious about living for Christ in all endeavors of life. 

The message on Sunday was about the serious of sin and the reading of scripture was from Mark 9:42-50.  As I valued the message there was of course the question of verses 44 and 46 and the hermenautical charge against them being there.  The pastor of the church made a comment about them not having a place there, and this is widely thought of by most commentaries.  I think this reiterates though the serisousness of verse 48.  Most often times when there are 3 statements made in repetition there is a higher degree of importance placed there.  I do not take too lightly the acceptance of these verses being taken out like this.  Perhaps it is just my opinion, but why did some manuscripts have these two verses in them? 

I don't have a timeline yet of when I will visit this church again.  I'm probably going to visit another church by the end of the month though. 

Bye for now.  May the grace and peace be upon those in Christ Jesus our Lord and saviour.

God Bless!

Jason MacDonald