Today I visited Meadowlands Baptist Church here in Edmonton.  I first want to thank Joel for welcoming me and hosting me today.  I enjoyed the message that was preached today out of Luke 5.  Which was on obedience mostly.  Something that I have been reflecting on as of late.  Afterward there was sunday school class for different age groups.  I attended one for adults, and they were doing a series study of foundations.  Unfortunately, I being a visitor came at the end of one of these booklets in the series.  Nonetheless, it was good.  Especially when the topic is about sin nature and the new nature that we are in Christ.  The class was a smaller group of people, and you could get a sense of why they were there.  It was good fellowship.  I probably will visit again, and perhaps take my family as well.  I find it encouraging to meet other believers and know that there is faith out there.  This is one purpose of the Empty Tomb Ministry, we are bonded together by Christ.  We have the same hope, that one day our tombs will be empty and we will be raised to be with our Lord! 

I was unable to record messages this weekend due to time restrictions and a physical ailment.  God willing, I can do some soon.  Bye for now and Jesus Bless!