Hello all,

So there has been a few things happening here at the Ministry.  We have made some minor tweeks to the tract.  Unfortunatley we haven't made the changes to the one on the website just yet.  We are in the final stages of putting together the package for the tract and the Dvd.  We are getting a high resolution copy of Joshua Harris' message, "The Resurrection Confronts."  Once upon receiving the Dvd copy we can get all three messages put together.  Then we will set a time for the Gospel package to be delivered. 

We are about 5 weeks away from, "The Empty Tomb Ministry Gospel Night!"  We are asking for prayer that everything goes well.  There are more people who are coming on board with us and pray that we are unified in the centircity of the Gopsel. 

Our belief statement is almost complete.  If the first Gospel Night goes well, we will take a step back and re-evaluate the process.  Then and only then will we proceed with incorporating and forming our board.  I am praying that if this ministry is to become anything it has to be for God's glory first and foremost.  There will be some pressing matters in order to incorporate and it is neccessary to have men of likemindedness.  The belief statement is meant to direct the board and used as a mission document.

On behalf of the Ministry, I wish to thank Covenant Life Chuch again for their support.  It is such a blessing to have other ministries that are Gospel centered and are willing to help each other.  The Body of Christ is so much broader and bigger than I had known two years ago.  I am thankful for being reformed and still reforming. 

Thanks for reading and praying.  God Bless!