Hello all,

The social media craze seems to be just as prevalent as it ever was.  It can be used for evil but also for good.  Through one such media I was able to connect with someone half the world away.  Through connections with HeartCry Missionary Society I was able to ask about a man who had emailed me from Kenya.  Recently in the HeartCry magazine, Naphtally Ogallo was mentioned in an article.  He is in Kenya, and was able to ask him to back up this man's claim.  However the conversation has been used as an encouragement to what we are doing here at the Empty Tomb Ministry.  

One thing that strikes me the most is the fact that Kenya is out "Conferencing" us canadians.  Here in Edmonton, it feels like an Island Spiritually.  In the United States, it seems there are conferences of and for believers all the time.  Yet I am unaware of even one such conference in Edmonton or Calgary for that matter.  I'm hoping someone somewhere in this province of Alberta, will rise up and take charge in this matter.  We need each other, the body of Christ isn't just contained in little isolated pockets.  We may be scattered, but we need to come together too!  

I'm hoping, and God willing of course, to set up a Gospel Conference next year.  This is dependant on how the Ministry does.  It would be quite an undertaking and I don't know where Christ is leading the Ministry yet fully.  I have been blown away by the occurences of the last year and by the direction of where the Ministry is going.  

In the coming weeks, we will be giving out dvds, and tracts to bring evangelize.  Hopefully this will be all tied together with a "Gospel Friday" event where the Gospel will be preached at a local Church.  The follow up from there is to have a teaching on justification, sanctification and glorification.  This will be accomplished by watching 4 messages by Jeff Noblit of Anchored in Truth Ministries.  Which so graceously gave us permission to use their dvds and Jeff Noblit's sermon outlines.  

As we look forward to the days ahead, please pray for us and for the spreading of the Gospel here in Edmonton.  This is an exciting time and yet a little scary.  I am encouraged by this quote by William Carey: 

 "Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."

Thanks for reading and your prayers.  God bless!