Hi all,

So I just wanted to quickly update the status of the ministry.  It is in a state of flux as I am working on getting people to support and take part in a Gospel outreach event.  Due to external circumstances out of my control the original date has been changed.  

We are currently looking at doing a day Conference in early 2014 now.  Hopefully things will progress to see this through.  During the next while, I am hoping to set up some ministry meetings to further the mandate that was set forth.  I am asking for prayer at this time and I thank all who have been in the past.  

Also in the works is a new partner ministry that will be associated and lead by the Empty Tomb Ministry.  This new ministry will be one of defending the truth of Scripture and standing against heresies of this age.  As this endeavor takes shape, I am glad to report there is optimism and support for something like this in Edmonton.  

As always, I thank you for reading and praying.  God bless!

Jason MacDonald
Founder/ Administrator