Hello all,

I am asking for your prayers today.  I'm beginning the process to write the sermon for the "Gospel Friday" event that is upcoming.  The message will be centered around the tract, "Who is Jesus, Really?"  So I'm preparing an outline today and I want the Spirit to guide me in this whole endeavor.  This Ministry is not for me but for the one whom I serve for the Gospel.  I pray that if my flesh taketh over that those around me will make me accountable.  For this reason, I need prayers to remain focused on the main goal of the message.  It is clear to me that the Gospel needs to be presented concisely.  This is the goal with the tract and the message.  Please pray that the days ahead are of Christ and not of ourselves.  May any gory or praise that is recieved is to God only, and that only he is served!

Thanks for reading and your prayers are greatly appreciated.  God bless!