Hi all,

I can't believe it has been over a month since I've last written on here.  First things first; On September 8th we had our first Gospel Night.  It went well and the video is up on the video messages page.  I thank all who came and supported us.  A special thank-you goes to Olive Tree Fellowship for helping us. 

We are now looking at another area of Edmonton to distribute dvds with a local place to do a Gospel presentation.  Please pray for us as we plan in this endeavor as it will be more involved than the first one.  Our goal is to give out 1000 dvds this time. 

More changes are coming to the ministry and the website soon.  Please keep coming back to chec. I know the last month was a bad one for getting things done but hopefully I can work more diligently this month.  We took a hiatus while at the beginning of the month.  This coming weekend we resume our meetings to further the ministry and planning the next endeavor. 

Hope to write again soon, God bless!