The past few weeks I have been reading and reflecting on the emblems of the Lord's table.  Where I am in fellowship with a group of believers, we haven't been keeping the Lord's table.  This inpart was because of wrong doctrine of which I was in agreement with.  After spending time in the word of God and and in prayer, I found that I had been disobedient.  I am so thankful for the mercies that Christ has shown me.  Jesus showed me my wrong theology in this area.  I am very joyful about moving forward and I can't wait to partake of the Lord's table.  For me personally it has been over 7 years, and certain things happened that provided my heart to be opened.  I am a work in progress, and finally there is progress.  It seemed like a lot of work was needed to get there though, but now realizing there had to be repentance in this matter first.  I will probably do a message on this or in the least a bible study update.  The past few weeks were in essence a lesson of obedience.  Having now known something to be wrong, are you going to listen and adhere to it?  If by scripture you're shown to be wrong then there is no choice, you have to change direction.  Hence repentance.  I know some that I fellowshipe with are thinking, about time!  I'm thankful to have people around me who are patient and understanding.  I'm sorry my disobedience perhaps slowed growth in our church.  I can't wait to share together the body and blood of Christ, proclaiming his death until he comes!