Hello all,

We, here at the ministry are excited about the future and the furthering of the Gospel.  There are opportunities opening us to stretch out a bit.  I am looking forward to forming new partnerships and making connections with likeminded people. 

We are now looking into registering as a Non-profit organization and perhaps submitting an application for charitible status.  Check back for updates as we enter a new phase of the ministry.  We also are rounding out roles for our board and continue to meet with some regularity.  Please pray for us as we look to the future and in keeping our vision. 

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of meeting David Coppedge.  He had come to speak at a recent Creation weekend event here in Edmonton.  The presentations were also a chance to meet other Christians and make some new connections for the ministry. 

We have decided that our next Gospel Night presentation will be in January.  We wish to give out up to 1000 Dvds this time.  The area chosen is in West Edmonton and are in talks with partnering with a Church there.  If you would like to help us, partner up or do something like us contact us via E-mail: emptytomb_@hotmail.com.  We would like to also support individuals, groups, Churches or other ministries who want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I am hoping to get the chance to post here more often in the future.  Also looking forward to have more input from our board members in other areas too.  With this I conclude this post but I want to be clear on the Gospel we preach:  We are in no way going to adapt the Gospel to fit into our Culture.  It is by the Power of God only that anybody be saved, there are no tricks or selling when it comes to the Gospel.  If you want to know what we preach view or video on the video messages page.  Thanks for reading and God bless!