So we are into another year already.  2012 for myself and my family is starting with some changes.  I am leaving my job as a supervisor and going to another machine shop.  The situation got too difficult to stay.  That doesn't mean that I am better off with another machine shop, but sometimes change is good.  Whether this change is long term or short is doesn't matter, I just want to be following God's will and not my own. 

There will probably be some upcoming changes as well for the website.  I wish to use it to share the Gospel more with those here in Edmonton.  I am in process of making some tracts for the site and hopefully able to convey the true Gospel sufficiently.  Soon I will have shirts made up with a logo with the website on it as well.  I am hoping to have some partners involved with the ministry soon as well.  Keep praying for the lost to be reached. 

I have just uploaded the first part in the Mountain of God series.  I am excited to do the second part, which is the most important one in the series.  As I see it, the video messages are my theological outlet.  I hope that they are clearly presenting my thoughts.  In the future, I would like to be more prompt in uploading.  Finding time is hard though.  Thanks for reading and praying.

May the peace of our Lord and Saviour be with you, Jesus bless!