Hello all,

This past Saturday night our Ministry team took in a satellite link up presentation of the Multiply Gathering Conference 2012.  This was hosted by Ellerlsie Baptist Church here in Edmonton.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I did know that it had to do with Discipleship.  This is one of our ministry goals.  We want to send people through our Gospel Night presentation and discipleship classes to solid doctrinal Churches.  These strong doctrinal Churches will have to be strong in discipleship as well.  This has been on my heart from the beginning as one of the primary Ministry goals. 

The speakers, Francis Chan and David Platt made some good points on what can happen when we deliberately do discipleship.  Of course the main goal is to further the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!  This is what is most encouraging to me: We are not alone in this endeavor! 

Just in Edmonton alone, there are men rising up to work for the sake of the Gospel.  I want to thank Mirror of Truth Ministries for their compassion for the Gospel.  I look forward to partnering up and supporting your ministry as well.  I see that the Lord is indeed causing the hearts of some to turn to Him at this time. 

As we are looking at doing another Gospel Night presentation, we ask for prayer that the resources will be available to us.  we are looking at giving out 1000 Dvds this time and we hope to reach our goals.  We are looking to support a Church in the west end of Edmonton that is doctrinally sound and wanting to disciple its people.  If there any other people who are interested in doing what we are doing wherever they are, we would be happy to assist.  

We are not just about finding the lost sheep, but also about making sure when found they are nourished in word and deed. Thanks for reading and praying, God bless.