Hello all,

I want to start off by praising our Lord and Saviour.  Without Him, this ministry would be nothing.  I am overwhelmed by the interesting networks and people that are coming on board. 

One thing we are doing right now is getting permission by Joshua Harris of Covenant Life Church to use his, "Resurrection Confronts," message.  We are setting up a package to send Covenant Life Church for the ministry plan of action and the tract.  This will also be sent to Anchored in Truth Ministries and HeartCry Missionary Society.  We are also looking at a possible partnership with Foundation Baptist Church here in Edmonton and its Pastor, Tim Nissly. 

We are thankful for the support of Olive Tree Fellowship as well in this ministerial endeavor.  May God be glorified through the Emtpy Tomb Ministry.  In fact that is our Chief end.  May God's name be great in Edmonton.  We also ask for prayers at this time for clarity on the direction of the ministry in the future. 

Last night we had a meeting about our belief statement and hopefully we will have a finalized copy of it soon.  We will post it up on the website as soon as it is completed.  This will cover our mission, beliefs, doctrine and accountability statements.  Also the tract is alomst finalized and the third message for the dvd is in its approval stage.  From here, we will pick a date for the first "Gospel Night" and coordinate around it our action plan. 

Thanks for reading, supporting and praying for the Empty Tomb Ministry. God bless!