March 19th:   Went to a rally in protest to Bill 2 (the education act)  at the Alberta Legislature grounds.  The rally began at Noon, with Paul Faris of HSDLA of Canada. For more info:

Over 2000 people were in attendance.  There were people there from all over the province of Alberta.  It was encouraging to see a turnout like that on such a short notice.

Some of the rhetoric coming from the government after this is very sad.  The blame game has started and it seems to be pointedly measured towards "Homeschoolers".  As a homeschooling parent, I am most concerned on the vague language in this education act.  We as Christians have been persecuted for and with less in a so called "Democracy".  If over 2000 people are not heard(which was the largest demonstration to date on the steps of the Alberta Legislature) then what kind of a democracy do we have? 

This isn't just about homeschooling.  This is about parental rights and freedoms on what we can teach our children in the home.  It is also about freedom of speech.  I am aware that this Alberta human rights act(AHRA)  and it's inclusiveness in the education act can in fact be used against freedom of speech.  I wonder how long until open air evangelism is under attack?  We as Christians are now harbouring a book that is full of myth and allegory to the world.  I'm just reminded of 1Corinthians 1:18-21. 

What I would like to see happen though out of this is a great awakening.  The Churches seem to be misguided or somewhat blinded to the issue at hand.  There are some who are willing to take a stand but few.  If we could stand together imagine the voice we could have.  I'm finding pastors and elders somewhat passive and indifferent.  This has as much to do with the great comission as it does with raising holy children.  (Matt.28:19-20, Prov.22:6)

So I ask for prayer.  Where ever you are, pray for families here and Churches to be strong in Christ!  Pray for the province of Alberta for an awakening the likes have never seen.  Also for Canada and the world that they may see the light of Christ and the salvation that comes from Jesus Christ alone!

I thank you for reading and prayer support.  In Jesus we live and are sustained by his grace mercy.  Pray for those who do not have these freedoms as we do as well.  There are people dying for less than what I've talked about here.  May we stand when it is required of us. 

In Christ,

Jason  MacDonald
The Empty Tomb Ministry