Hello all,

Well I'm finally back and able to write a blog post.  I have a new job that is ministerial and Gospel Centered (praise God).  Unfortunately it has taken up a good chunk of my time.  On my off days, I have spent them with my family and trying to piece together a schedule.  As of now I am putting the Empty Tomb Ministry on hold.  There hasn't been any committed support and I have too many time constraints.  The next step is to dissolve the whole thing.  

I am writing this blog to ask for prayer.  I still hold to the vision, just finding it difficult right now to continue.  If God wants to use it then he will provide a way, but we'll see long term.  I want to thank all who read and have supported the ministry in the past.  In all respects this has been a sanctifying process and wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  I am glad to have met so many like-minded individuals who are standing firm on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Please pray and I ask for guidance during this time.  Thanks again, God bless!

In Christ,

Jason MacDonald