Hello All,

Summer is upon us and it is always a busy time.  The ministry is trying to get the logistics ironed out for our upcoming "Gospel Night."  As we have been networking within a couple of other churches in Edmonton, we are looking forward to building relationships with others too. 

On a personal note; I am currently off of work and probably returning to my day job next week.  I'm hoping to maintain the website and update here regularly.  Unfortunately, that may mean less regular though.  We are hoping to build the ministry and able to sustain the course for spreading the Gospel here in Edmonton.  I thank you for your prayers of support. 

We haven't received the last sermon message that is required for the Dvd package.  We expect it this week.  We have received our resources from Anchored in Truth Ministries and we thank them for their support.  We look forward to use their resources for our discipleship classes. 

We thank you for reading and supporting us by your prayers.  God bless!