Hello All,

This month has been an encouraging one.  The Empty Tomb Ministry recently participated in the giving out of Gospel Tracts.  Oprah Winfrey was in Edmonton for her "Message of Hope."  We find it a most dangerous message as it is opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was our intent to get tracts into the hands of O's followers and indeed the Gospel went forth! 

I want to thank Kevin St.John and the Calgary Peacemakers for their resources.  It was also a blessing to be side by side with brothers in Christ for the sake of the Gospel.  This was also done in conjuction with Mirror of Truth Ministries and we thank them for their friendship.  We look forward to further partnering with these ministries for the sake of making God's name great in Alberta. 

The ministry is branching out into more street ministry in the way of Gospel tracts.  If you are in the Edmonton area and are interested in joining us in this endeavor please contact us at:
emptytomb_@hotmail.com.  We are going to continue with our dvd distribution with a Gospel Night presentation too.  We are hoping to continue in canvas Edmonton and area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

As we continue in our Ministry and the work of the Gospel, please pray for us.  In the immeasurable grace and mercy of our God and saviour;  I thank you for reading and for your support. 

In Christ,
Jason MacDonald