Hello All!

Well apparently I am way behind schedule.  The past two months have been a blur.  Before I get to the ministry news I will tell a little that has happened in my life recently.  This is a brief overview of the past two months.  Let's see where to begin.  I have begun doing some lay-preaching with Olive Tree Fellowship, and am very grateful for them to let me do that.  I'm learning so much in regards to leadership and in preaching lately.  Olive Tree Fellowship this month sent me to the Shepherd's Conference in Los Angeles, California.  I had such a blessed time, and was truly thankful for being able to be there.  I am going to take the time to honour someone who was very much a part of the blessing of being at the Shepherd's Conference.  Kevin, I don't think I could ever repay you for your kindness and the servants heart you showed me while at the conference.  I am forever grateful for your friendship, I thank the Lord for what He has done in you and I am looking forward to seeing what Christ has planned for you. 

A few days before I was to go to the Conference I had lost my job.  There are some reasons why I think I was let go, I don't think the official reason is legit.  However, everything is in God's timing and I am most thankful that I am in His mighty hands.  When I got back from the Conference, it only took two days to find another job.  I am still working full time as a machinist, but it looks like I won't have to give up my fellowship days.  I am hoping once I get back to a routine, I can spend more time in ministry.  My hope is to minister full time in the future, but that is something God must provide.  I am aware that I am much too impatient and I do not want to run ahead of God.  Even if I could in the future do part time ministry, I would be most happy. 

Within the Ministry, there has been some leadership changes.  Brother Andy has stepped up his commitment to the minstry and is a dear friend.  Now with just the two of us at the helm of the Empty Tomb Ministry, we are seeing many opportunities to further this ministry.  One such opportunity is with doing, "The Biggest Event."  This will take place on April 1st.  We were given 1600 dvds of "The Biggest Question" from The way of the Master Ministry.  We thank Trisha Ramos for the resource and to be a part of the event.  Also in conjuction with the event, we have partnered up with Mirror of Truth to have a tract resource then as well.  I personally thank Cliff Tomkulak for his writing of the tract that will be used for public events here in Edmonton. 

Another endeavor at the moment is to help Olive Tree Fellowship with a neighbourhood outreach.  This would be done by giving out our dvd package with hopes to bring people to OTF.  We want to help churches be strengthened and built up for the sake of the Glorious Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We have a new links page that lists faithful churches here in Edmonton.  One of our ministry goals is to have believers going to strong churches, who not only preach the Gospel faithfully but also disciple faithfully. 

A future ministry goal, of which I am looking at facilitating is to have a Gospel Conference here in Alberta.  I am not sure when this would take place as we are in the planning stages for a venue and overall purpose of the conference.  Please pray for this time that it is God lead, and that we are faithful to discern the times here in Canada.  I am finding that here in Canada, that it isn't as much a desert as I once thought.  It just seems hard to find true believers here.  We don't have a strong Christian presence here in Canada as there is in America.  With deligent prayer and ministry work, I hope that will change. 

Thanks for reading and your prayers.  We appreciate all the support of the brethren all over the world. 

In Christ,
Jason MacDonald
The Empty Tomb Ministry