Hi all,

It has been a busy week.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to post our belief statement yet.  It should be up soon.  We have the master copy completed and ready for production.  By the end of August 500 households should have a copy of the Gospel package.  Also September 8th has been decided upon for our first "Gospel Night" presentation. 

Next month I will be visiting Meadowlands Baptist Church to meet up with the purpose of networking.  The goal is to maintain relationships within doctrinally sound churches in the Edmonton area.  One of the purposes of the Ministry is to send converts to sound Churches for discipleship. 

In the next weeks ahead, it is crucial that we continue towards the goal of spreading the Gospel.  Please pray for us as we endeavor to share Jesus Christ and His Gospel to Edmonton. 

I want to thank all of you who have helped us get to this point, it is very much appreciated by all of us here at The Empty Tomb Ministry.  God bless!