Hello all,

The beginning of this year has had some interesting developments.  In my own life, I changed companies and I am looking forward to the challenge that brings.  I ask for prayers in the sharing of the Gospel with my new co-workers.  It has been impressed on me to be sharing Christ more and more.  I am excited to labour for the sake of the one who gave all, I thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the opportunities. 

We were not able to visit a Church this past month.  I have made it a priority to visit one in February.  Recently I went to Breakforth Edmonton, for a concert.  I always have mixed feelings when doing so, but I must say it was nice to see Jeremy Camp and his Joy in Christ.  I wish more musicians would share their lives a little more.  Just because it is positvie entertainment, is it fruitful?  This is something I am thinking about as I am preparing to take my oldest two daughters to a concert this evening.  Here in Edmonton, Christians seem disjointed and not very prominent in counter-culturing the city.  This has been one of my reasonings for going to events like this, to meet and be with "Edmontonian Christians." 

Thanks for reading and praying, we appreciate it.  God Bless!