This past weekend at Mill Woods Assembly here in Edmonton, I attended 3 presentations by Dr. Jerry bergman.  It is faith building to see true science reiterating scripture.  The biggest impact for me was his own personal losses in regards to standing for truth.  Jesus is worth it all, first we must give up the people and things that would otherwise take us away from him.  Like Job, Mr. Bergman has been restored to share his experiences through science and in truth.  This is what the Empty Tomb power is, and it is God's alone.  

    Saturday night, after Mr. Bergman's presentation on "Irreducible Complexity" I was able to meet him.  Before I got to talk with Dr. Bergman though, I listened in on a conversation between himself and the director of Big Valley Creation Science Musuem.  The topic of discussion is one of a complex issue that I will not comment on at this time.  I did however intervene in the conversation which brought about an exciting event.   As I talked to Mr. Nibourg, he told me of a man living on the street in Peru.  He had asked if I could help him get a bible to this man in Peru.  As it turns out through connections with Heartcry Missionary Society we should be able to get a bible in this man's hands.  Praise be to God in how these things happen, and by the Holy Spirit.  Hopefully I can update on what happens through this.  So please pray that the fruition is that God is glorified and that the Gospel is recieved!

    We serve an awesome God, life is impossible withouth him.  What is most irreducible is God, and without the Empty Tomb there is no hope.  Without the Cross there is no sacrifice, no reconciliation to our great God.  The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is irreducible.  Thanks for reading and visiting the site, Jesus Bless!