I started writing an article the other day on the passage of Colossians 1:12-14. Unfortunately I got sidetracked, and somehow got unto the Mountain of God.  So I think before I do the Colossians study I will do a series of short video messages on the Mountain of God.  Accompanying this will be a Bible study blog and the scriptures with it.  First of all I wish to look at the passage of Ezekiel 28:11-19  a little closer before I start. 

There is two opposing views on how to look at Ezekiel 28, most commentaries believe that the King of Tyre is an account of Lucifer.  However there is a growing idea that it is Adam.  If you have any thoughts on this passage feel free to email me.  I have my own thoughts about this passage, I do however wish to point out that is hard to be dogmatic in such passages as these.

I hope to be done a short article on this soon.  I'm done with giving myself deadlines, seems that what I believe will happen seldom does.  Life with four growing girls is hectic and poses challenges in time schedules.  Thank you for reading and praying, but most of all your patience.

May Jesus bless you in his grace and mercy.