This past weekend was a busy one for my family and I.  Besides our home church, (which we meet on Saturdays) we visited Grace Reformed Baptist Church.  The overall message that was preached was on "True Greatness." I want to thank James Coates (who is pastor at GRBC) on a good expository sermon from Mark 10:32-45.  The pastor and 6 other men are attending the Shepherd's Conference this coming weekend.  Hopefully in the future I will be able to attend.  My friend Nathaniel Penland will also be attending and it would be neat if they could meet.  (you can read Nathaniel's blog at )

On Monday, there was a rally held at the Alberta Legislature.  I was in attendance to support fellow homeschoolers who are against proposed legislation that could potentially force us to teach liberal views that a Christian could not do.  An example would be to teach homosexuality in a favourable light in such a way to show "diversity."  We however would like the wording to be plain enough that this could not be used by special groups to expoit or persecute us Christians.  There is by the wording of the Bill (Bill 2) in section 16 that includes homeschooling in that of Schools and such.  Right now in the public schools, parents are allowed to opt out when homosexuality is taught and can pull their child out of sexual education classes.  This Bill is too vague in my opinion and I think the old legislation was fine.  I will post a couple links up on the site soon to give more information on the subject.

At the rally I was able to meet people from all over Alberta.  This was encouraging to meet others of the faith and share in life.  There was a bus load of people from Grande Praire Alberta and was impressed with their presence.  Even though we differed on somethings doctrinally we could all agree on the Cross and the Empty tomb.  When we face persecution this is how we would stand together. 

I'm not sure if anything was actually accomplished, but at least our voices were heard.  I want to thank AHEA for their support and leadership in the homeschooling communities in Alberta.  I was able to meet some Wild rose candidates and MLA's and I hope to follow up on some conversations we had.  This is an issue I'm sure will come up again.  I will keep you posted if anything changes.

In Website news:  I haven't re-done the Mountain of God part 2 yet.  I'm hoping to get the logo done soon and business cards made up too.  Please keep us in prayer, thanks for reading and listening.  God Bless!

Jason MacDonald
The Empty Tomb Ministry