Hello all,

So I wish to start off with giving an update of last weekends open meeting.  It was good to have clarity of who is with me in the building of the ministry.  Now we are looking forward to continuing the plans and goals that were set out.  We are in the final stages of finishing the tract now and ready to get them printed soon. 

In the coming weeks, there will be a date set for the "Gospel Night" presentation.  It was going to be called Gospel friday but we wanted it not just solely on fridays.  Then we will be planning how we are to systematically distibute the tracts and dvds. 

If this is something you would be interested in supporting or joining just email us at: emptytomb_@hotmail.com.  We are in stages of forming an executive board at this time and it is limited to those who are serious about doctrine and of course the Gospel.  Incidently there are a couple of more opportunities coming up for partnerships.  I look forward to further networking within the ministry. 

This past week I was back at my day job as a machinist.  Hence the lack of blogging and updating.  Hopefully there will be time to put towards the ministry and relationships therein.  I thank you for your prayers and support. 

Jason MacDonald