Hi all,

I know it has been longer than usual since I've last written on here.  Life is a little hectic right now.  It seems like the closer we get to the Gospel night, the busier every other aspect of life gets.

Doing Ministry, or in the least hoping to share the Gospel has been hindered of late by the fact that I have a full time job.  I am impressed with the help of fellow believers.  Tomorrow we are giving out our dvd package.  I want to personally thank our volunteers from 4 Churches.  When working for the Lord it brings the body of Christ together.

We are now less than two weeks away from our first Gospel night.  Please pray for us that we are protected during this time to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Whether we are sick, busy or whatever comes our way, may we hold on to the goal of the Gospel.

After the Gospel night, we are going to be analyzing the process that lead to the goal of the night.  It has been taxing, mostly of finances and time.  We however, no matter the response plan on continuing.  I'm not sure if we will emulate the whole process, refine it or do something totally different.  We are in prayer for the total direction of the ministry.

We are also experiencing interest from a variety of backgrounds in doctrine.  Which can be a blessing and also a curse.  There are also a couple of opportunities for the ministry to partner in.  In time, we will see what becomes of them.

Thank you for reading, and praying.  Bye for now, God bless!

Jason MacDonald