Hello all,

It has been awhile since I've written.  As always with me, time has been an issue again.  There is a lot to cover since the last posting.  I am sure I will miss something, and there has been quite a bit of activity recently. 

Back in April we (both Andy and I) attended AHEA's annual Home Schooling Conference in Red Deer, Alberta.  The keynote speaker was Voddie Baucham.  It was a pleasure to hear Dr. Baucham speak and teach.  In late 2012, I was in partnership to get Voddie Baucham to speak following the conference here in Edmonton.  Unfortunately Mr.Baucham was booked up for April and he doesn't usually speak anywhere on Sundays anyway.  At the Conference he informed us that only under special circumstances does he in fact speak Sundays away from his home church.  I actually admire his enduring committment, not only to his church but also to his family.  If ever I was in the position of itenerant speaking, I hope to hold to that model as well.  It was a good conference as a whole.  Every year is a blessing, seeing old friends and making new ones.  Next year Ahea will be having Doug Phillips as the keynote. Should be another good conference and I am already looking forward to it.  If you are in Alberta, don't miss it.  The next conference will be in April 2014.

Before the conference though we participated in an event with the Biggest Project. This took place April 1st, and we gave out the Biggest Question Dvd at a NHL hockey game.  The Dvd features Todd Friel of Wretched Radio, Kirk Cameron and R.W. Glenn.  I recommend the Dvd for its basic Gospel message.  We thank Trisha Ramos for the Dvd donation.  We ended up giving out 900 dvds that night.  We have posted a video on youtube from it and the link is up on our video page.  

This summer we have teamed up with Mirror of Truth and some independant evangelists for some street ministry.  Every weekend we are hoping to go out,  give out tracts and do one-on-one evangelism.  Please pray for us every weekend during this endeavor.  For updates on this visit our facebook link. 

On May 25th, a couple of brothers went to YC Alberta here in Edmonton.  The goal was to give out "The Biggest Question" dvds and have som Gospel encounters.  Although there were some encounters, there is an underlying problem with this event.  As the question of "what is the Gospel?' to youth was put forth, there seemed to be a disconnect with a lot of youth.  There will be a video up soon on our website that is being done by another ministry on this youth event.  Years ago, I went to the first YC.  I hadn't thought much of the conference since I was there mostly for the music.  I also would add that I wasn't saved at that point.  I didn't hear the Gospel then and it seems that it isn't present still.  This to me is a big problem with the so called Christian Evangelical Youth.  Why put a whole lot of youth together, pump out some secular sounding music with the odd Christian rhetoric inserted in and call it a vibrant Christian Youth crusade?  Doesn't seem right.  Youth will find that the euphoria that they experience there will fade, then like the lights and the sounds they will leave to.  If the Gospel is the reason, if Christ isn't the reason then what is the reason? 

So why am I on the attack?  Well at the end of the encounters that night, security from the conference threatened to kick the brothers off the property if they came back.  Sounds loving doesn't it?  I don't think they even tried to understand what was actually going on.  Last year, a man who was sharing the Gospel with youth there was detained and told not to return.  What is actually presented inside YC?  Next year could be interesting.  I will get off of my soap box now, but please pray for this event.  I hope they reform and realize what a detriment to the upcoming generation, if the Gospel is lost on the youth in these such venues. 

We are coming up to our one year anniversary of forming the ministry.  There is a renewed excitement to share the Gospel.  We are planning an upcoming Gospel night within the next few months.  Our main vision and mission is still intact.  We are hoping to do more such events.  As we look to the future, we ask for prayer and guidance.  May God recieve all Glory and Honour.  We want the Gospel of our beloved saviour to go forth, may the world know Jesus Christ!  Thanks for reading and God bless!

In Christ,
Jason MacDonald