Wow,  I can't believe it is April already and 10 days into it too!  I've been in what seems to be a time warp.  I have had quite a lot going on lately. 

First of all; I wish to thank the Grahams for visiting with us last week.  They were such a blessing!  Perhaps soon I will be able to introduce some new members to the ministry. 

As the church I am a part of is looking for eldership, the Empty Tomb Ministry is looking for people passionate for the Gospel.  If you wish to link up or join just email us:

Recently added a page to the website: The Gospel.  It features brother Paul Washer with two video messages and also a tract posted from Heartcry Missionary Society.  I will be doing more on the page to promote the Gospel and within what The Empty Tomb Ministry is doing as well.  I have had some T-shirts designed and will post some pics of them soon.  Also have had a logo made up too.  

It has been busy, this month is booked up already.  This coming weekend, my wife and I will be attending a Home Schooling Conference in Red Deer Alberta.  I look forward to seeing some old friends and hopefully making new ones as well.  

The ministry is definately taking shape now.  I am thankful for the support we have been getting, and for the prayers.  Please continue to pray for us as we continue to move forward in giving glory to God and helping the Body of Christ!  Bye for now, God Bless!