Hi all,

It is almost a month since I've updated the blog.  I hope to get more time to write but unfortunately that hasn't happened. I'm going to highlight some happenings in the last 4 weeks or so.

April 13-14th was the AHEA home schooling conference.  It was a good time and my wife and I were able to partake in some of the speakers.  Paul Faris of HSDLA  gave a most informative message of what the Alberta Human rights act entail for us here.  It was nice to make contact with my friends from AIG while there as well.  I was able to network and make a lot of new acquaintances.  Also met a man there who was interested in the Gospel and furthering the ministry.  In that I welcome brother David to the Empty Tomb Ministry. 

April 23rd seen an election take place here in the province Alberta.  The result kind of shocked me and the incumbent government won to my dismay.  It looks like we are going to have another rally due to the education act and the problem with the inclusion of the AHRA in it.  This is not to just Christian educators but implies religous intolerance in public.  In a nutshell I foresee an attempt to squash the sharing of the Gospel as a whole.  Please pray for Churches here to see that this is an issue of the Gospel and not of just the education of our children. 

The past couple of weeks there has been a plan to distribute a tract and dvds to households in Edmonton.  This is a systematic plan which will be brought to fruition by having a Gospel night where the message of the good news will be preached.  There are some logistics to get ironed out yet but stay tuned to the website for more details.

Within the past couple of weeks I have been personally sidelined by sickness.  I have missed multiple days of work now and in dire need of prayers for healing.  Although being at home has helped me write a little the problem I now face is supporting my family. 

As I conclude, I ask for prayer in the Ministry that it is driven by the Will of God only and not anyone elses.  I also if it is on your heart to help us in spreading the Gospel in Edmonton please consider donating.  The only way to do so is by sending it in by mail.  The address is on the contact page.  Write it to: The Empty Tomb Ministry.  At this time we cannot give tax reciepts but hopefully soon.

Thanks so much for listening and praying, God Bless!