So I've gotten a little behind schedule lately.   A lot has happened recently around here.  Between meeting with small group studies and the whole Education Act, there hasn't been much time. 

On March 8th, I attended Meadowlands Baptist Church.  I didn't get much interaction there, and got a somewhat cold response.  The people I had known though were responsive to me.  Just the general population wasn't.  I hadn't worn my "Best Clothes" for the visit as I had been rushed that morning.  I think this played a role in my visit there.   Next time I visit I will make sure there is a liason present, i.e. a friend to show me around. 

As of right now, I have not yet completed part 2 of the Mountain of God series.  It is becoming a point of frustration as I haven't found the time to do it.  I've been in prayer on this end and with other things getting in the way, perhaps it is time to rethink priorities.   This ministry is in need of your prayers indeed.  My life is twisting in the wind it seems, just uncertain where to set my goals.  Clarity and verification is what I seek in all matters of my walk with Christ.  Ultimately, I want to glorify God in all that I do.  

As it is with my new day job,  scheduling family life, and Spiritual life has been hard.  The Church I am a part of, is dire need of eldership.  This is becoming a strain because of the job I have.  I may be working more on Saturdays and it will take me away from helping in any respect to the Church.  I ask for prayer in guidance and knowing my rightful role(s) in what I need to be doing.  If neccessary, I may have to shut this ministry down.   I am however looking for others to join me in this ministry.  I would love to have more input in a number of areas with it. 

I have been most encouraged by the people I meet.  It is most edifying to see acted faith, and the compassion of others in regards to life in Christ.  This is what energizes me, and I want to network more in the knowing of other believers.  I am going to conclude this issue of my update now.  I have had another busy Sunday and Monday(18th and 19th).  My next post will be about happenings on these two days.  Until I find more time to write, may the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be upon you!

God Bless!

Jason MacDonald
The Empty Tomb Ministry