The Empty Tomb Ministry

 The Chief End of the Empty Tomb Ministry is to Glorify God
These are the 3 goals of the Ministry:
1. To evangelize publicly here in Edmonton:
    A. By focusing systematically (neighbourhoods) within Edmonton;  This would be by visiting residential areas door to door.  We would be delivering the tract and dvd in a passive manner.  (I.e. in mailboxes) This would be occur in groups of 2.  We have done one area so far, and gave out 540 dvds.
    B. By a "Gospel Night" presentation; This would be a live presentation which would be about a half hour of preaching the Gospel. (We have done one such presentation lasting about 20 minutes: Link)
Afterwards there would be given out free Bibles to those who want them.  This would come with an invitation to a seminar or class like study presentation.  The seminar would be taken from Jeff Noblit's threefold salvation messages .
    C. Discipleship; This could occur by sending people to Biblical Churches that teach the Gospel and are doctrinally sound.   
2. Encourage and Edify the Body of Christ:
    A. By networking within the body of Christ;  This would be by visiting Churches who are doctrinally sound and maintaining partnerships.  Aslo by supporting other campaigns and ministries within these Churches.
3. To Stand for the Word of God in Truth:
    A. Publicly support those persecuted and groups open to political change;  This would mean things like freedom of speech.  Standing versus anything that would be against sharing the Gospel.
    B. By opposing anything that goes against the word of God;  This is done by writing into editorials, blogging and articles in our newsletters.  Also by attending demonstrations and rallies that are peaceful.
    C. By attending conferences and concerts that both support truth and those that don't;  This would be profitable to see first hand.  Also for us to be seen in order to have a voice concerning these things in Christianity.
Our greatest cause of concern is that the true Gospel be sent forth upon Edmonton.  That God's name be great in Edmonton.  We must claim the name of Christ without compromising.  We as Christians need to be bonded together to show God's glory to the fallen world.
We must be concerned for the state of the Church and the purpose of it for God's own glory.  This means to stand for the Authority of Scripture and the meaning of the Gospel.  We must be committed to give God glory in everything we do.  Our confidence must be only in God's Power, in that it is unimpeded and unrestricted.
We must be sincere in our confession of Christ; we must be willing and wanting to do all within our means to make Christ known, and to endure all things (2 Tim. 2:10).  We ought to lay down our very lives for the sake of the Gospel.
We must know that we ourselves are radically depraved without God.  In this we should promote the glory of God in the redemption of men through preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  We must be committed to preaching the Gospel, supporting Churches that proclaim God's truths in His commands, behaviour, and wisdom.  No such work can be wrought by fleshly means, but only by the supernatural power of God.  Through this God commands us to: preach biblically, pray intercessory, serve sacrificially, love unconditionally and show Christ in us.
The Empty Tomb Ministry with its partners is to operate by facilitating the means to preache the Gospel.  First we are starting within Edmonton, to gather the elect and direct them to strong doctrinal Churches.
The Bible:  The believer's sole authority is the Bible.  It is divinely inspired thoroughly within both the Old and New testaments.  It is sufficient totally, inerrant, infallible and certain of all saving knowledge, obedience and faith.  No portion of the Bible is marked by error nor by sinful humanness.
The Godhead:  There is only one God; to us He is revealed as Father,  Son and Holy Spirit (known as the Trinity by Tertullian).  Each one distinct with personal attributes;  but not apart of being, essence or nature.  The Trinity is an essential doctrine.
Providence:  God is infinite, self-existent and yet has created us with care.  In His sovereignty, He has permitted all things that have come to pass.  In His will, all things past, present and future are all governed by Him.  God personifies all perfection and is not limited in terms of power or knowledge.
Predestined:  God's eternal choice is by His will and for Him only.  He chooses His elect unto everlasting life.  Not by merit but by mercy through Jesus Christ.  They are called,  justified, sanctified and ultimately glorified.  Salvation is all of grace;  God redeemed us through faith in Christ alone, to His own purpose and glory.  Those chosen are granted unmerited mercy and grace to sinners by Christ alone.
Sinful Man:  We as humans were originally created in God's own image, made good, without sin.  Man fell into sin by temptation from Satan.  By disobedience, man broke the command of God.  Man then lost his righteousness, holiness and by his transgression all nature inherited death by sin.
Mediation:  The only begotten son of God,  Jesus Christ, is our mediator between us and God.  Jesus living perfectly without sin, even with having human nature, was able to fulfill the law.  As our subtitute, Jesus took our just penalty, and died on the cross.  Through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection,  God accepted this substitutionary atonement.  Jesus, now having been glorified lives forevermore, at the right hand of God.  Jesus is the only mediator, He is our Lord, King, High Priest and is over all things in the universe.
Repentance:  A change of direction; where a person knows the depths of their sin.  He becomes humbled to the point of self loathing because of his sin.  He hates what he is and agrees with God about his nature and agrees with his condemnation.  The change of direction causes the person to walk before God to please Him and knows what Jesus accomplished on the Cross by faith.
Salvation:  God's means to bring salvation is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ; we are commanded to believe the Gospel, and the Church is to preach it and teach it.
The Empty Tomb Ministry will not compromise the Gospel by using any programs, psychological techniques or any marketing approach.  We will reiterate that salvation and repentance must coincide with regards to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
Salvation is given to those who believe and confess Jesus Christ as Lord, to confess truthfully and honestly.
Faith:  It is the saving belief on God's authority, through everything revealed concerning Christ in the scriptures;  Christ's righteousness is imputed to those who believe by God's will alone.  To receive Jesus as Christ, and resting on Him only justifies for eternity.  The Holy Spirit reveals to the heart, it is accompanied by grace and leads to living in holiness.  Righteousness cannot be earned, nor deserved in any sense.  This is an essential doctrine.
Justification:  Is by faith alone in Christ that the sinner is justified.  This is central to the Gospel and is an essential doctrine.  Justification is decreed  by God's acceptance of Christ's sacrifice and by faith in the Son; God gives grace and mercy by setting us free from the penalty of eternal damnation.
Regeneration:  Is a renewing of a believers nature, to love and live in holiness.  This is done by the Holy Spirit, it is making alive those who were dead by enlightening the mind Spiritually and savingly to the word of God through understanding.  Regeneration is specifically appointed by God and by His free grace alone.
Sanctification:  Is an ongoing process through life by the supply of God given strength.  It is by which the saint is seeking to obtain holiness by obedience to what is commanded by Jesus Christ.  It flows with rejuvenation,  it is done by the indwelling Holy Spirit and through God's Holy Word. 
Continuance:  As a true believer, you have been given the gift of Grace by God.  This gift will never be revoked.  By being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, you can never lose this gift nor from the state of grace.  However, one can backslide; for a short time fall into temptation or neglect and into sin.  By the power of God they will be renewed again to repentance.
The Church:  A believer is to be part of a local Church.  This is comprised of administrations for worship, order and discipline of doctrine.  These usually have Elders and/or Deacons.  Believers are to meet within this governship and not to neglect the meetings of the elect.
Faithful Gospel Churches shape discipleship together in God's purpose and display His glory.  Local Churches are to bear witness to the unity of the whole body of Christ and the glory of God.
Truth and faithfulness to the Gospel take precedence over any fellowship or denomination.   Jesus Christ is the head of the Church; corporately and individually.
Churches are to work together in humbleness and cooperation which is to be done voluntarily.  The Empty Tomb Ministry will act therein, to establish and encourage ties between evangelical Churches and ministries.
Roles:  We will uphold the God given roles between men and women.  Teaching and preaching are assigned to men who fulfill their rightful roles in their own homes.  We affirm that women have equal standing but have differentiated roles within Home, Church, and Ministry.  The difference of roles are not oppressive nor a condition of prejudice.  Any role blending is contrary to the centricity of the Gospel.
Baptism:  Is the affirmation sign of fellowship and an ordinance that the believer acknowledges Jesus as Lord.  This is done to partake in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is appropriated, having believed in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to be immersed in them to live and walk in the regenerative state.
Resurrection:  By virtue of the Empty Tomb Ministry name; the resurrection of Jesus and His empty tomb is a foreshadow of what is to come for those who believe in Christ Jesus.  Jesus was resurrected with a glorified body; believers will be resurrected in the same way by the power of God.  When we die, we enter into rest until the appointed time of the return of Jesus.
Judgment:  There is a great white throne upon which God will judge.  Those who did not receive Jesus as the Christ will go into the lake of fire, there to be forever damned.  By having believed in Christ Jesus we are justified already and are appointed to eternal life.
  • In administration and ministry we will be open to  observancy
  • Churches have the right and responsibility to request information or make an inquiry in any matter of doctrine, ethics, finances, etc.
  • Provide semi-annual financial reports to our partners
  • Will notify partners and public of any changes in doctrine, policy, administrations, major ministerial decisions
  • Partners and members have the right and responsibility to publicize any concern of doctrine or ethics and to withdraw from the ministry if the matter is unresolved


The Empty Tomb Ministry is a non-profit organization.  Our board of directors are to aid and monitor Ministry activities.


Board members are: To be determined 

*Acknowledgements:  The Empty Tomb Ministry's statement of beliefs is taken in part of "HeartCry Missionary Society" and "Together for the Gospel" doctrinal statements.  Also we would recognize the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1833, The London Baptist Confession of 1689.

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