The Empty Tomb Ministry Introduction 

 Hello and welcome to the Emtpy Tomb Ministry website.  My name is Jason MacDonald and I am the administrator of the site.  First of all, the title: For me it is an important and very relevant issue in Christianity. The resurrection is our hope, that one day our tombs will be empty. 

 The resurrection of Jesus Christ is instrumental in knowing that by faith, our sins have been paid in full.  We are reconciled to God the Father by faith that Jesus bore our sins, our deserved punishment on the Cross.  Jesus died on the Cross, was buried and 3 days later rose again.  The Tomb is indeed empty!

 Now having believed this, you are a child of God.  So the articles, messages and bible studies on the site are all a result of my relationship with Jesus.

 I want you to know that anything out of my mouth is open to fallibility.  If I am shown wrong on what is presented here, I will make amendments.  I believe that all children of God, Christians by faith have the Holy Spirit indwelling them.  I hope together with Him we can learn and walk closer together in the body of Christ.  This ministry must be Spirit lead and by prayer and supplication only will it accomplish anything. Doing this Ministry has been on my heart for sometime.

I hope you and I can encourage and edify each other. Jesus Bless and please feel free to contact me.