Reason Or Revelation

To those who are in question of the differences of interpretation;

First of all I am of the revelation side of things. There is an accordance of balance here because we do need to study out doctrine. We as a body should be walking with the Holy Spirit as our guide to understanding and applying scripture. To lean on ones understanding is wrong, ALL men are fallible. To follow a scribe is to follow a man. You may agree with their conclusions, but their use of scripture may be wrong.

Here is the most concerning thing for me about reasoning; it is a consuming thing to research, what and who the subjects of the bible were. I believe, most of what can be researched is inapplicable to the Christian walk of life. There are many debates between Christians on what the so called “mistakes” or “scribal errors” are and it has divided us.

This matter is not easily solved. It may be a matter of heresy. In the early church there were many doctrines that had to be reconciled when two schools of thought were divisive. Unfortunately now there are no Credos, only spiritual leaders who are in for sordid gain. So what do we do? I think there is only one possible way of reconciliation. It is only by Jesus himself. Someone is wrong, and debating the issue is pointless and futile. The only thing we can do is pray for each other diligently. Anytime we do anything in anger, the Holy Spirit is suppressed. So lets fervently seek Christ and He will show us the way.

What is reasoning? It is not studying doctrine on the basis of linking scripture. What it is though, is trying to “restore” the bible to its original state. What is dangerous is by whom it is being done. Most scholars disagree on how Hebrew is being translated into English, so how can one go backward with such certainty. Some say that the English has been influenced by mythology or that numbers have been changed. For me, mythology is not proven to be the subject that changed anything. Some argue that Ezekiel 28 is written in the likeness of Babylonian mythology. This reasoning is a representation of cynical thinking. There is no proof. The numbers on the other hand may in fact be wrong, but it doesn’t take away the event that is recorded. By this reasoning how can you trust what is written on any page of the bible? It seems to be going in a direction of ambiguity. Its confusing, unless you lean on a scholar. There in lies the biggest danger. Scripture tells us not to lean on our own understanding, I trust what  that says and I take it to heart. Man is foremost sinful, so why trust one man over another, especially giving that trust because of high credentials. How can an unbeliever come to Christ when we can’t know what is written is the truth. This is why I must believe and trust that the Holy Spirit provides sufficiently, the perfect theology. If we haven’t been properly equipped for centuries then how can we be sure the Christians of the past are saved?

There has always been a tendency of the “laity” to follow learned people. This has been since the early church until now. The so called “Apostolic Fathers” would have been taught by the apostles; the eleven remaining disciples were mainly uneducated fishermen. So where did the church learn that by way of reasoning would lead to holiness? The disciples were taught by the greatest of teachers; also by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the teachers aide, the great helper scripture says. Well, what is the Holy Spirit supposed to help with? I believe, to help reveal Jesus' truth. To even consider and study the bible we need the Spirit to guide us. By faith in Jesus Christ we receive salvation. This is something the Holy Spirit reiterates through understanding His vast grace. If we live by the Holy Spirit, we only learn by applying Jesus’ teachings. Which in turn means living it, showing His light. Reasoning takes away application. I believe every teaching of God is preserved in every language translation, for how could the gospel be preached to the ends of the earth?

Now let us consider revelation. This to me is the Holy Spirit revealing Christ to us and in as much, how sinful we are. To understand how holy He is, is to understand how wretched we are. This is a revelation, the Holy Spirit teaches us to walk as He walked, Most times it is by discipline, the most learning comes by way of trials. It should be our desire to live like Jesus, and wanting to suffer for doing the good that He teaches. The power of the Holy Spirit are the facts of God, one being there is an empty tomb. Our sins have been forgiven, we must repent and walk in the light that Jesus has and is showing us.

I believe each and everyone of us has a theology. Sometimes our systems change according to circumstances of life. To me the Holy Spirit is the teachers aide and Christ the teacher. We arrive at conclusions by way of trying to apply scriptures to our lives. This is where fellowship is important; to compare notes, to admonish and encourage one another as well. I do not believe we need to understand the languages to get a deeper relationship with Jesus. Those who walked before us, were helped by the Spirit to equip us in our own languages. If there are any faults with the bible, then the Holy Spirit is quite capable of teaching us in spite of them. I don’t believe that there are any “mistakes” or “errors” that are not self explained somehow. Let us not take lightly the Word of God.

May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you in Grace and abundant Mercy.

God bless!

Jason MacDonald


The Empty Tomb Ministry