"In the Beginning God..."

Here is some notes from the video message.  All Scripture is from the Nasb version of the Bible.


Genesis 1:1; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

For me this is where the basis of faith starts.  Without belief in the creator where would we as Christians stand?

The first eleven chapters of Genesis state some pretty supernatural happenings. For instance where we humans come from. Where sin and death started, we having dominion over all the creation.  The first age of man where men lived long ages.  Then man became so corrupt that only 8 righteous people remained in the whole earth. So God flooded the whole earth, a catastrophic event that ended land life except those preserved on the ark with Noah.  Then the Tower of Babel where the peoples according to language were divided.  All these things are being attacked as myths or allegory. 

One of the major attacks is coming from BioLogos.  Their president is a "Conservative Christian."  There are more like him.  I quote John Piper in my message on truth, however he doesn't seem to understand the importance of the beginning either.  ( read John UpChurch's article on BioLogos in the Oct.-Dec. 2011 Answers Magazine)

This is why I like linking John 1:1-5 here because Jesus has a lot to do with the beginning.  The light has been often theorized in physical terms but the spiritual application is a truism about God. Genesis 1:3-4 retierate this very well. 

Most people that take the evolution worldview hold onto the science of the genome project.  Look at a scientific "y" chromosomal map and check out the arrows.  There is a convergent point and if you have a biblical perspective it reiterates the Tower of Babel culture migrations. 

(Scientific American July 2008 issue, pg.59 has the map, total article is from pages 56-63, by Gary Stix)

Truth: John 14:6

Ending scriptures were 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 and 1Peter 2:17;


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All Scripture quotes are from the NASB version.